We love our adopted home of St. Louis and are excited about doing our part to make her shine. We leverage our people and capital to build and rescue buildings in the neighborhoods we love. We are passionate about our work and the people we have the pleasure of working with on our journey.

3845 McDonald Avenue
3970 Itaska Street
4012 Shenandoah Avenue
4059 Castleman Avenue
4160 Flad Avenue
4348 Neosho Street
4400 Delor Street
4455 Ellenwood Avenue
4473 Wallace Street
4728 Ray Avenue
4755 Bonita Avenue
4757 Goethe Avenue
4758 Milentz Avenue
4916 Devonshire Avenue
4929 Parker Avenue
4938 Miami Street
4983 Nagel Avenue
5036 Newport Avenue
5243 Miami Street
5415 Murdoch Avenue
6227 Wyoming Street
6738 Vermont Avenue
6927 Salzburger Avenue